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GREG BABIN, CPMR: 1985 Graduate of Loyola University. Manufacturers Representative with Florida Agents since 1986..

STEVE PAEN: 1979 Graduate of Norwich University. Manufacturers Representative with Florida Agents since 1979.

WALTER LEVY: Graduate of University of South Florida. Buyer, Edward Don & Company, 1974-1980. Manufacturers Representative, 1981-1982. Vice-President, Lee Equipment Company, 1983-2006. Joined Florida Agents in 2006.

JOHN SNYDER: 1972 Graduate of University of Florida. Sales Representative, West Coast Restaurant Supply. Sales and Project Engineer, D&S Fabricators. Joined Florida Agents in 1993.

GARY HERLTH, CFSP: Florida International University, Miami Dade Community College. Manufacturers Representative in South Florida 1994 - present. Sales Engineer, Arrow Industries 1987 - 1994. Joined Florida Agents in 2003.

RAY ONORI: Graduate of Biscayne College (currently St. Thomas University) in Miami, Florida 1979. Manufacturers Representative in the South Florida market since 1980. Joined Florida Agents in 2004.

TODD MCCOTTER: Graduate of Florida State University. National Account Manager with U.S. Foodservice for 13 years. Joined Florida Agents in 2015.

KATHY McCAIN, CFSP: Certified Foodservice Professional since 1989. Educated by the industry within various fields including (but not limited to) Walk-In Cooler Mfg. as an estimator. Manufacturers Rep Group for Equipment (Office Manager and Inside Sales). Full Service Restaurant Equipment Dealership as VP of National Accounts. National Fortune 500 Restaurant Chain as Director of Small Equipment & Smallwares Purchasing.

CHRISTINA ABELE: Equipment/Design Administrative Assistant (1998-1999); Purchasing Project Manager of all furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) for a National Fortune 500 Restaurant Chain (1999-2014). Joined Florida Agents in 2015.

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